Africa Lion Safari-Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Africa Lion Safari-Hluhluwe Game Reserve 1
Photographic opportunities in Hluhluwe

Hluhluwe Game Reserve/Umfolozi Game Reserve have about 130 Lions as of 2010.

The African Lion is also one of the Big 5 (predator-Panthera Leo)

Description: A large robust Cat, with a large muzzle with a smooth coat and whitish underparts. Ears are white inside. Tail long with a black tassel at the end or tip. A male Lion will develop a mane by year 3 this will may vary in color from blond to black. Cubs have brownish spots that fade by 3 months but may persist on the belly as an adult.

Height: 1.1-1.2 meters
Weight:122-240 kg ( record 260 kg )

Habitat: Grasslands and savannahs, woodlands and dense bush.

Breeding: Year round with peaks in rainy season. 1-6 cubs born after just 3,5 months gestation

Range: Africa

Lions will eat everything from tortoises to giraffes, however they will hunt the prey they grew up eating and customs may vary from pride to pride. Lions are sociable; related females share a traditional home range, reproduce in synchrony and cross suckle their offspring. Prides may vary in size from 2 to 3 up to 40 Lions.

Pride members preform a greeting ritual upon meeting, they rub their heads and side together with tails looped and high. Females are lifelong residents of their mothers' territories unless food is scarce. Adolescent males are forced to depart the pride as they are seen as rivals to their fathers. They will remain as nomads for up to 2 to 3 years until they mature and then will seek a pride to take over.

Sightings of Lion in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve vary according to various factors 1 being water and season. In the dry season hunting is more progressive and successful as they will ambush at watering holes. The areas for good sightings in the park remain in the Umfolozi Reserve and the area or pinpoints being Sontuli Loop and Number 17. The Black Umfolozi River is always a good area as well to keep an eye out.

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