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African Wild Dogs Umfolozi Game Reserve


The Umfolozi Game Reserve situated in the KwaZulu Natal Province has of the largest concentration of African Wild Dog, these Wild Dogs once on the brink of extinction now flourish in the Umfolozi Park. The reason for the low numbers in Wild Dogs was contributed to the fact that farmers primarily saw them as vermon, they hunt in a pack and with such dedication that it is estimated that up to 85% success rate.

These animals have such spohisticated methods of hunting that a animal being preyed upon surely does not stand a chance.

The Umfolozi Game Reserve track and monitor the dogs on a daily basis, the staff are dedicated and passionate and will with this attitude ensure the future of these magnificent animals. Just this weekend we where fortunate two witness sightings of the Wild Dogs once again on both Saterday and Sunday, Saterday 17 dogs where witnessed close to Mphafa Hide relaxing and cooling down in a watering hole.

Sunday we where offored an opportunity to tag along with Zama from Ezemvello KZN Wildlife to track and monitor the Wild Dogs, it is incredible to see the passion with wich the staff contribute so much time too.

The previous evening the Wild Dogs had made two kills and by the following morning nothing remainded of the carcasses.

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