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Black Umfolozi River Flooded

The Hluhluwe Game Reserve has received some good rain in the past week or so, so much so that the Black Umfolozi River has flooded, the river came down on Sunday Night and the evidance may be seen at St Lucia beach where for miles out to sea one can only see brown water.

The Hluhluwe Umfolozi Reserve was just starting to look as though it once again was to be a very dry season and hopefully now this water will have a huge impact.

The sightings in the Reserve have been great with huge amounts of Elephants, Lions, Rhino, Cheetah and Wild Dog witnessed in the Umfolozi Game Reserve. As Easter weekend is apon us please remember to drive slowly and be cautious. The Park will be bussy and its our advice to goto the Umfolozi Game Reserve as it will be less busy and one is always assured of great sightings in this side of the park.

Enjoy the Easter Weekend

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