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Heritage Tours & Safaris Staff and Owners have for years experienced spectacular sightings however just last night 2010/10/05 we where to witness yet another awesome sighting in the Town of St Lucia, this for a change was a outing for the Heritage Tours team and while driving down towards the beach bordering the town, we witnessed a Leopard jump over the fence bordering the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park. This awesome sighting of the ability of the Leopard was not to stop their he continued through the dense scrub and made his way to a Kill that he had presumably made earlier that morning. With bated breaths we waited and with out any notice he Appeared, the lack of interest shown to us was amazing his only interest was in the supper that was waiting for him. This gracefull and elegant creature of the night had shown himself and once again proved that Leopards do still frequent the village of St Lucia.

Heritage Tours & Safaris offers safaris to witness Leopard and other nocturnal creatures into the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park daily this 2,5 hr safari offers clients awesome sightings and we would be delighted should you join our knowledgeable guides.

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