Please note that Lion, leopard, black and whiter Rhino, buffalo, hippo and crocodile occur in this park and because all wild animals are unpredictable and potentially dangerous we request that you bear this in mind when undertaking the self – guided trails.

Whilst the perimeters of Hilltop resort are fenced, caution should be exercised when moving about the resort at night.
The Rustic bush lodges are not fenced, and while you may enjoy game viewing from your chalet, please do not walk beyond the vicinity of your unit t night or leave your vehicle unless at a designated hide, view site or picnic site.

Although Hluhluwe is considered "low risk” malaria area, incidences of the disease are rare.
Apply insect repellent to exposed skin Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers after dusk as this is when mosquitoes are most active Use mosquito coils or mats in your room at night Consult a pharmacist if you wish to take a prophylactic medication.
If you experience flu-like symptoms after visiting a malaria area, contact your doctor immediately and inform him or her of your recent visit

If you undertake a walk or trail in the area, you may be exposed to “pepper’ ticks.
Although most are harmless, their bites can be extremely itchy and the irritation last for seven days.
You may also contract tick bit fever if one of the ticks that bites you is carrying the disease and your doctor should be consulted for appropriate medication in the event of contracting the fever.

Apply insect repellent to exposed skin (Byticol) is particularly effective against ticks and should be sprayed onto clothing.
Wear long trousers tucked tacked into your socks when walking in the bush Wash with a medicated soap if you discover ticks in your body Use an antihistamine cream to relieve the itch If you flu-like symptoms, fever, headaches and have am inflamed, painful bite between 2-10 days after visiting a bushveld area, contact your doctor and show him or her infected bite.