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Hluhluwe Family Safari Tips

Want to see the Big 5, well then Hluhluwe Game Reserve is the best reserve for a family Safari, the area is not as imense as that of Kruger National Park and with the various areas that one can either barbeque or enjoy a meal at one of the restuarants this destination will surely be a days outing not to be forgotten, the reserve’s both Hluhluwe and Umfolozi are divided in two seperate areas and therefore additional picnic areas have been created. A days safari should if possible start as early as possible and continue for a full day, lunch time when the tempretures rise enjoy some time in the shade and relax as this is also a time that the cats are not as active the safari can wait.

Ensure that you have a good set of binoculars, maps and wildlife books as the area will definately keep you busy from the smallest of small creatures to the largets land Mammam the Elephant. Litreture is also a good way to get the kids involved and make it easier to entertain them by having them find the information on the animal that you have spotted while safaring.

Through progessive education we can ensure that our future generation have a better idea as to why it is so important for us to conserve our conservational areas in Africa and world Wide.

Enjoy a day out on Safari and keep lists on what was seen and make it more interesting for the kids by having quizzes next time or in a different reserve.

Heritage Tours & Safaris offers unique kids quizzes and should you like one via email please do not hesitate to drop us an email and we will gladly forward you one.

Best of times on Safari in Africa.

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