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Hluhluwe Game Reserve

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Hluhluwe Game Reserve

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Hluhluwe Game Reserve is the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa it’s a wonderful reserve and has so much to offer, with the Big 5, Wild Dogs and Cheetahs their is just never a dull moment. The size 96000 hectares allows one to travel within the reserve within a day compared to the Kruger National Park that may keep you for days searching for that specific animal. This is exactly what makes the Hluhluwe Game Reserve so atractive smaller in size, with all of the magnificent animals within it. The reserve comprises of two sides the Northern side the Hluhluwe side and the Southern side the Umfolozi side. Completely different when it comes to landscape and animals that are within, the lower Umfolozi Park offers one more area in which to travel too, while the Hluhluwe side is more hilly and offers a denser bush. The Umfolozi Park has more open plains and therefore this makes spotting the various wildlife much easier, not only that it also has more access to rivers and watering holes the most important factor while on a safari. Both the Hluhluwe and Umfolozi have hides well places within the reserve and they really should be visited while you are in the Game Reserve.

Going on a self drive safari well one top tip is to purchase a map at the entrance to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve, they offer valuable information on the entire reserve as well as the history of this splendid place. From times when Shaka Zulu first made use of the Umfolozi Game Reserve as his personal hunting grounds to the establishment and relocation of Rhino’s world wide. The Game Capture team world reknown for their attempts and methods are still in use today, sto pat the Centenery centre for some amazing information and displays that where once used to capture various game. The holding Boma;s are still used and also always enquire at the kiosk if you may have a look to see what animals are in the holding Boma’s.

Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Safaris are available on a daily basis departing early morning to go insearch of those incredible Big 5 animals as well as the other wildlife that one may just come to witness while out in the African bush.

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