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hluhluwe game reserve updates

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Safari to see the Lions

Hluhluwe Game Reserve over the past few weeks has once again delivered some spectacular sightings of the Big5, Hluhluwe the oldest proclaimed Game Reserve in Africa offered us sightings while on Safari of the African Elephant. The Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Elephant have migrated down South towards the Umfolozi Park and may be witnessed almost regularly close to water sources. The African Wild Dogs witnessed just again today where observed in the Umfolozi Reserve close to Sontuli Loop.

The Lions of the Hluhluwe Game Reserve or Umfolozi Game Reserve also tend to have migratory patterns and this time of the year may also be seen in the southern section more frequently. Good areas in the Umfolozi Game Reserve to see Lions are:

  • Sontuli Loop
  • No 17
  • Mplia surrounds
  • Mpafa Hide

The reserve now starts to become a bit cooler as we slowly approach winter and the water recources also start to dry up. This is the time that the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve really comes alive, the Umfolozi is a great place to safari to and ensure that you make a day of it as no safari should be rushed, travel to the watering holes and water sources as theses are the areas one must try to stay close to. Take a picnic basket if possible and make a day at the watering holes.

The Hluhluwe Game Reserve becomes very busy this time of the year as international travellers seek to find the Big5 our recommendation is to travel south to the Umfolozi Game Reserve section to witness all of the wildlife.

Until next time safari to Kwa Zulu Natal a place of wilderness..

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