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Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve updates

Hluhluwe Game Reserve updates herewith a map and also some tips once again

The Hluhluwe Game Reserve is looking awesome as we have been receiving a lot of rain to date the Black Umfolozi has flooded 7 times and therefore it is green where ever you look.

The majority of the watering holes are full to capacity as the ground is pretty much saturated, the hides at present therefore offer a good place to stop over in the Umfolozi Game Reserve. Some spectacular sightings of Lion have been witnessed as well as Cheetah, last week we also had an opportunity to see the African Wild Dog once again.

Please once again a word of caution while travelling inside any game reserve in Africa please travel at the speeds recomended as just last week once again an accidant occured with two vehicles on a blind spot, this not only causes an inconveniance but also contributes to fatalities of animal species within parks in Africa.

The area has received a tremendous amount of rain over the past few months and this will definately contribute to the length of the grass in the park.

This weeks general information

What are Mammals… Mammals are vertebrate animals who nourish their young with milk. All mammals and birds are warm blooded, most mammals have hair on their bodies which moult to be thin in the summer months and thick in winter.They can control their body heat over a wide range of weather conditions.

The advantages of being warm blooded are:

  • almost always has the same tempreture as the surroundings
  • Birds, mammals and humans are warm blooded
  • The body is used to convert warmth by burning food
  • Some warm blooded animals need to hibernate during cold spells to reduce their need for food.

Reptiles ….

Reptiles are generally scaly and their eggs are fertilized internally. Living reptiles include crocodiles, tortoises, turtles, snakes and lizards. Some reptiles lay eggs, but others give birth to live young which need no care from their parents.


The Tortoise and turtle are the only reptiles with a shell, they pull their head, legs and tail into the shell which serves as a suit of armour.

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