Big 5 Safaris South Africa

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park the oldest reserve in Africa, will undoubtedly offer you an opportunity to witness the Big5, this reserve unique in size 96000 hectares can easily be travelled in a day, however the best would be to try and a make two days of it, this way one can experience the northern side the Hluhluwe Game Reserve as well as the Umfolozi or Imfolozi Game Reserve.


The reason for two day safari while in the area is due to the different vegetation and animal species that one may encounter in the different Parks.

The Hluhluwe Park a bit more lush and densely vegetated allows a more restricted vantage viewing platforms. The Hluhluwe Park boasts Hilltop Restuarant and also various types of accommodations. The lanscape is made up of more rolling hills and this thus offers great vantage points. Numerous picnic areas have been added however please note take food along.

The southern section the Umfolozi Park allows one a greater opportunity in witnessing the Lions, Cheetahs this is contributed to the fact that more open plains are available as well as less dense bush in the various areas.

Umfolozi or Imfolozi Park is truelly unique and a must if you are in the area. Wild Dogs are regularly seen in the areas of Sontuli and Cheetah at no.17.

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