Learn How To Shoot Safari Photos, Lions, Elephants, leopard, and the rest.

Big cat photography on safari: 10 tips, tricks, and equipment for getting amazing safari photos in an African wildlife game park...

Witch photo equipment do you need on safari? Can you do this with a smartphone? Do you need a gimbal?  here I will talk about my experience and tips ideas on photo gear. Capture Moments in the bush to Remember for a lifetime."Learn how to shoot safari images – We show you how to get big cat photos that look as if they were taken by a pro…

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Wildlife doesn’t get wilder than lions. You’ll need to try and get closer access than a regular zoo can provide. We headed to The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, southeast England – a charitable organization dedicated to the conservation of these creatures.

We shot them under the watchful eye of lead photographer Alma Leaper. She not only advised us on photographic techniques but was also able to encourage the big cats into the perfect position with the help of meaty treats thrown into their enclosures.

But jetting off to Africa, Asia or South America to go on safari isn’t available to everyone, and there’s no guarantee of you coming across these fierce felines even if you do.

Wildlife parks, on the other hand, offer assured access to these amazing animals, but the drawback is that there’s a physical barrier between you and them.

No bad thing, considering these are predators that could consider a photographer to be a snack, but by following our tips, you can take brilliant and natural-looking images that look like they could have been shot in the wild.

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When taking a safari in Hluhluwe or any other park, its a great idea to do some more practice with your camera before you leave.

It would be a shame to come all this way and not capture, those amazing moments.

The reason I think it's important to brush up on the photo technique is simple... Most of our clients, that come on safaris, it's their 1st time to Africa or their 1st safaris.
It would be a shame to miss those great moments out in the bush.

Can you do this with a smart op phone?
Yes, and No, the smartphones today are way-way ahead of just 1 year ago.

So yes, you can do your travel shots and video with a newish smartphone. definitely.

I use mine more and more every day.

My smartphone, like most today, has replaced 2 or 3 of my cameras depending on what I'm doing.
I would normally use 3 diff cameras while out taking photos.

Amazing really, that you can do that with a supercomputer + phone + camera and a video camera all in one small handy unit...

It always makes me think WOW...

The best part about using your phone is the convenience, of course, to travel with and use quickly,

I mean you always have your phone with right? But not always your camera gear.

My smartphone, for example, will take a 40mp photo and 4k video .thats really top quality images from any kind of a device...

One thing I will add,

To get great steady shots with a phone you need a way to hold it steady.

Yes, they have image stabilization, but it's not good enuff in low light.

You could never hold it still enuff for those super great sharp shots...

So you will need a Gimble in my opinion...

What's a gimbal if you don't already know?

They are small compact steading devices that enable you to get great shot vids and super sharp photos.

How? They hold the camera steady. The main 2 brands are DJI and Moza mobile gimbals.

My choice for mobile gimble is Moza hands down...Everyone raves about DJI mobile but not me.





Technology continues to make things easier. But that didn’t start with digital!

Everyone is a photographer these days. It has never been easier or cheaper to create good quality photographs. People sincerely believe that the camera is what makes these amazing images. I am sure you have heard this as many times as I have; “You take beautiful photos, you must have a great camera.”

Learn How To Shoot Safari Photos Lions

With the technology we see now though, I sometimes wonder, do they have a point?

We now have cameras in mobile phones, that not long ago professional photographers, paying thousands for their cameras would have dreamed of being able to use. Look at the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign, and look at Instagram daily. People can take amazing photographs, with a couple of clicks and minimal effort.

Has modern technology democratized photography, or does it mean photography has become easy?


Your Vacation Photography Packing List

Learn How To Shoot Safari Photos Lions

It’s summer, and for most people, that means a vacation somewhere nice and sunny! Now, of course, it’s nice to bring those holiday memories back home. That is why people bring nice cameras with them, and perhaps purchase new lenses to get the very best images. You’ve chosen an amazing exotic location, so this is a chance to photograph something that’s not from your regular day. The big question pre-trip is what to pack! Having read this article for your vacation photography, you’ll make the trip knowing you have the right equipment for your needs.

Depending on your age and life circumstances, you will either be going alone or with a group. The equipment you bring for either of those situations will be different. If you’re with family, you won’t be able to spend the whole day out photographing somewhere, so the amount of equipment you’ll need is going to be less. This article is going to assume you are traveling with the family since if you’re traveling alone, that’s a different packing list more aimed at a travel photographer. That’s not to say you won’t get great travel photos on your trip. With the right equipment, you’ll hold your own against someone who perhaps has more time.

Understanding the Basics of Color

You will never realize your full potential as a photographer…until you understand the basic elements of color and luminosity (tonality). I know this sounds scary, a bit geeky and just plain over-the-top – but hear me out.

How is it that some photographers seem to consistently produce great pictures?

Most likely because they understand how to control the primary element in photography – light! You can certainly take great pictures without knowing color theory, and you can get good results by learning to operate your camera, but if you wish to consistently produce powerful and visually-moving images, you’ll need to get a handle on the basic issues of color and light. Capturing the light, like capturing anything else in the wild, requires an understanding of habits and behavior.

The 7 Nature Photography Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Do you like to do nature photography?

Then you might be making these 7 mistakes.Learn How To Shoot Safari Photos Lions

These nature photography mistakes are the kind that you don’t even know you’re making. They’re the type of mistakes that are easy to miss, but they’re absolutely critical to your photography.

To discover these mistakes (and to ensure you never make them again!), read on!

1. Shooting under bad lighting

2. Shooting your subject from a standing height

3. Using a (slightly) messy background

4. Photographing low-quality subjects

5. Not including a point of focus in your compositions

Read More Big cat photography: 10 tips for getting amazing safari photos in your local wildlife park"

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If you would like to come on a safari to Hluhluwe Imfolozi you can find out more about that here.

Maybe you want to do your own safaris and stay inside the game park that info is here ..

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