Big 5 Safaris South Africa

Isimangaliso Wetlands Park ( Crocodile Centre )

For some exciting sights while in St Lucia why not visit the Crocodile Centre, a mere 2km from St Lucia town one will see the Crocodile Centre, with a wide variety of species of crocodiles, snakes and Cycads.

Mark Robinson also offers croc feeding demonstrations on Saterdays at 3:00 pm definately worth it.
Here is a short clip from the Crocodile centre enjoy…..

The Nile Crocodile:

Crocodiles are Reptiles and may be seen sunbathing on riverbanks, they are cold blooded and therefore need to absorb heat from the sun. They are opportunistic hunters of larger prey. Eggs are laid in sand on the riverbanks and are incubated by the sun, the tempretures of the sun will determine the sex of the crocodile, (low heat females & males in higher tempretures).

Gestation: 16-80 eggs are laid and hatch within 85 days
Life expectancy: Approxiamately 45 years

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