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New: Jozini Tiger Fishing Charters with Philip


World Heritage Site

Tranquile beach of St Lucia

Jozini Tiger Fishing Charters  offered by Philip Van Wyk now offers you a unique experience on the shores of Jozini, South Africa. As a youngster Phiilip spent most days catching Tiger Fish at the shores of Jozini he has developed numerous methods and techniques in catching these prized Fish mostly from the shores of Jozini.

To Date the most practical technique used by Phillip for Tiger Fisher in Jozini consists of utilising fresh Tilapia, the Tilapia is hooked back to front without cotton. A free spool is then engaged and this method has proven the most successful to date.

Jozini Tiger Fishing Charters offers charters year round with November to February being exceptional Tiger Fishing months. Please note that the temperatures are high and one should consume large amounts of water so as not to dehydrate.

Jozini Tiger Fishing Charters offers a wide array of packages including accommodation, self catering and fly in packages. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further advice should you be travelling to Jozini for a Tiger Fishing Breakaway trip.

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