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News Flash: Leopard on Night Drive

Once again a fantastic sighting of a Leopard was experienced on one of our Night Drives into the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park over the weekend. The sighting was recorded early on the drive and only 2 km into the Night Drive, clients where as can be expected astonished by the sighting. The nocturnal animal makes use of the dark to stalk his prey has also been seen on numerous occasions stalking in the town of St Lucia however todate no incidance has ever been recorded of a Leopard preying on a person.

The cause for this could be that numerous other species can be found wondering the town and therefore the threat of human consumption is totally illiminated.

The seasons have most definately shown change and the winds have started to blown on a daily basis again. This however is an important factor as one main reason or contributing factor of the winds ( Northeasrterly ) causes change in the tempretures of the Indian Ocean and thus the Whales and Turtles appear in our waters.

Other interesting news well done to the Spannish team for winning the Wolrd Cup Soccer 2010.

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