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News Flash: Lion Charge Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve

The Lions in Imfolozi

Male Lion Mating

Lion Charge in the Hluhluwe , Umfolozi Game Reserve today left not only the game ranger but clients lost for words.

What a sighting , the male Lion mating was caught of guard as much as the clients where. Close to Centenery Centre while on safari this morning our guides came across these magnificent creatures. The Lion a bit anoyed by the intrusion made his point by charging the Game drive vehicle , as one can imagine all clients slipped and slided to the opposite side of the game drive.

The pride of 1 Male and 4 Female Lions struted their stuff. The adventure lasted for quite sometime and to the relief of the clients the Lion was more interested in his companianship than entertaining visitors.

The African Safari to Hluhluwe Umfolozi added additional sightings of Buffalo , Rhino and once again Cheetah chasing Impalla , this close encounter almost had both the Impalla and Cheetah land on the bonnet of the game drive vehicle.

With the World Cup Soccer event taking place in South Africa what a priviledge for us to host and entertain visitors from all walks of life. St Lucia has had an eventful weekend with not only the Harley’s being accommodated but also visitors from nations far and wide.Never before has so much spirit been felt by all fellow South Africans.

We as South Africans hope that you have a wonderful time and will never forget this country of Gold.

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