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Night Drive Leopard

Yes Leopard , this weekends Night Drive produced a sighting of the Ellusive creature for an amazing 30 mins inside of the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park. The ranger out on the drive was Trevor , and conditions where not ideal with the cold front that had started to show its face on Friday it was far from ideal however as in the past we have realised that for a sighting of the Leopard ideal conditions are from what is needed. A lite drizzle had just started before the departure and with the clients re confirming that tyey in actual fact where certain that they wanted to go on the adventure be it a bit chilly onwards into the dark they went. The encounter was perfect with a sighting lasting up to 30 mins and the Leopard staying within site all of the time it once again proves the theory that Leopards do utilse the elements to their advantage in preying and stalking their victims.

Other sightings have been good in the Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Game Reserve with Lion , Rhino , Elephant & Buffalo , its once again the quite season for game drives and getting out into the park has been far in between.

We have experienced some good rain over the past few days and this in turn should help with the parks as they too have become a bit dry.

Cape Vidal ( Isimangaliso Wetlands Park ) has also received a bit of rain and with the up and coming World Cup we are sure that all visitors to this side of the worls will be delighted to see how magnificent it truly is.

Have a wonderful week.

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