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African Lion

No Ash in Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Game Reserve

What a month, worldwide grounding of International flights yet we say we are technologically advanced, once again nature has proven its strength.

Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Game Reserve has been spectacular,Black Rhino,Wild Dogs hunting Wildebesst,Lion kill’s,Leopard,Elephant’s galore,Bufalo & Cheetah to mention just some of the sightings recorded for the month.

The Sighting for the month undoubtedly was the Wild Dog (19 dog’s) hunting a Wildebesst , both of the rangers Trevor & Jacques witnessed this spectacular wildlife scene unfold infront of them. All the clients where in awe.

Trevor’s top sighting included a 3.5m Python in the Imfolozi close to Umganu. Jacques top sighting included a Leopard in the Imfolozi close to Sontuli , the Leopard appeard in broad daylight unusual for this elusive creature of the night.

As we approach Winter the water reserves become limited and hence the fact that sightings of predators are favorable in these areas. This is when we go insearch of the African Lion , Cheetah & Leopard.

Tip for the Month: Whether going on a safari or self drive get as much information before hand , drop us an email for upto date news, sightings and happenings.

There are also lots of photos of what we have seen in the last few days and videos,will keep them coming so please come back often..

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African Cheetah Hunt Imfolozi / Hluhluwe

The fastest Cat Cheetah

Last weeks sighting’s 8th May to 14 May 2010

The past week has been a kaleidoscope of varying weather conditions, this in turn determines the sightings that one may encounter on a Safari to Imfolozi , Hluhluwe and Isimangaliso. Friday through to Monday one experienced the most incredidible weather , a light Northeasterly wind with clear blue skies Tuesday saw a change in the weather with an approaching Southerly wind and cooler weather. Saterday and Sunday we experienced of the poorest sightings in ages. What had happened to the Big5 as well as all of the Hunts that we had been witnessing as of late.

However the week still offered us some spectacular sightings of which once again Cheetah hunting Wildebeest , Lions sunbathing , Rhino’s and calves.

Hluhluwe , Imfolozi at this time of the year starts experiencing the drying up of most water resources and this contributes however to better sightings in certain areas of the Park Hluhluwe and Imfolozi. All of the rangers are out once again today and I will post the latest sightings onto our Facebook forum Heritage Tours & Safaris. 

With only days to go to the World Cup lets hope that even the Wild are ready to strutt their stuff.

Quentin Muir, explore its out there.

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