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Umfolozi Game Reserve

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The Umfolozi Game Reserve and the Hluhluwe Game Reserve are both one reserve, previously the two reserves where split and historically the Umfolozi Game Reserve was utilised by King Chaka as his personal hunting grounds.

The Umfolozi or Imfolozi as it is known today is situated in the Southern section of the two parks,

Mpila Camp offers a small tuck shop, fuell bowser, various types of accommodations and it is from here that the guided walks are offered.

The Umfolozi Park is the less travelled of the two reserves and this makes it uique as one may drive at ones own pace and view various species of animals.

This section of the reserve will offer you better sigthings of the Big5 as well as Cheetah and Wild Dog.[gn_frame align=”right”]

Hluhluwe Game Reserve South Africa



For the past 7 years Heritage Tours & Safaris has been offering Big5 safaris to this section of the game reserve and with good sightings rates.

Should one decide to travel to this section it is imperative that you travel early and make an effort to get as south as possible, Sontuli Loop, No17 are well known for good sightings of Cheetah,

Wild Dog and Lion. Please note that seasons do change as well as the pattern of movement of the animals.

Stay close to watering holes as the Umfolozi also adds additionaly benefits as to the Northern section as more watering points are in closer proximaty in the southern side.

Always remember to stick to the speed limit’s, be patient and always ask for advice.

hluhluwe umfolozi game reserve map

where to find the bIg5 in Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve

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