About Us Heritage Tours And Safaris

We are a Safari Specialist Company specialising in Southern Africa. We are safari destination specialists, by booking with us you get our inordinate amount of knowledge, experience and some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Back in 1999 Quentin & Mandy Muir traveled to St Lucia on vacation, on the first day of arriving in the area it was decided to move to this magnificent part of South Africa. The beauty, wildlife and Ocean had made its mark.The couple entered into a partnership and purchased a lodge in the center of St Lucia the first world heritage site within the borders of South Africa. Heritage Tours & Safaris ultimately prevailed over the lodge and since has grown in leaps and bounds.

It has always been more than just a business it’s a passion. Kwa-Zulu Natal is home to Quentin & Mandy. We appreciate and love the beauty that surrounds us, stunning wildlife, Hippo’s roaming the streets at night and Bush Babies calls from outside our windows. The kind and friendly Zulu people have always warmed our hearts. As lodge owners in a world heritage site, we realised that our clients where neither experiencing nor witnessing this great splendour and the temptation was just too great.

The concept and birth of Heritage Tours & Safaris was realised and in 2003 when we were awarded a concession to offer Turtle tours along the coast line. From early days Heritage Tours & Safaris only offered high standards of service, extremely well qualified game rangers with passion for what it is that they offer. The company has remained a family run hands on Safari operation.

Heritage Tours & Safaris has seen many changes since those early days—what was once a true mom-and-pop operation has expanded to include both Bush Safaris, Ocean Excursions and Estuarine Boat Safaris. However Heritage Tours & Safaris remains a family affair specializing in luxury Southern Africa safaris, with an emphasis on making our guests feel like family. Heritage Tours & Safaris is not just another Safari company but rather an extension of a family.

About Us The Muir Family

Quentin Muir a dedicated father of two girls loves sharing his experiences with his two girls. His driving force has contributed to Heritage Tours & Safaris becoming a key player in the tourism sector. Quentin is dedicated to product development and in so doing today Heritage Tours & Safaris offers the largest safari portfolio in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Mandy Muir with her tremendous personal warmth and love for the bush it is no wonder that no one client leaves not as a friend. Her contribution to personal service and caring has been inestimable; through her eyes you will experience Africa.

Why Heritage Tours

To go on Safari is more than a word; it’s a beckoning for the travelling soul. For those who yet have to experience it, our Safaris are goals and we ensure that they are achievable. For those who have been on safari with us have felt its magic a safari remains an electric moment one never to be forgotten.   In truth a safari is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience—so it makes sense to travel with the best….   And that’s Heritage Tours & Safaris. To us a safari is more than just a business. It is a way of life. Africa is our home, exploring it is our passion… and delighting our guests is what truly drives us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

What sets Heritage Tours apart from other Safari Operators, Passion !!!

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The Finest Accommodation

Heritage Tours has partnered with various accommodation establishments only the finest accommodation is made use of for all of our Safari packages. Top Staff, Hosts and Game Rangers   To experience the best while on safari, Heritage Tours offers you the quality you expect , friendly and knowledgeable staff, hosts and game rangers. Only clean safe reliable Transportation, All Safari vehicles carry cold bottled water and each vehicle is fitted with an extensive first aid kit. Our fleet of vehicles are maintained to the highest standards at all times. Exceptional Details, Extensive Pre-tour documentation, Game park entrance fees always included, Exclusive Small Groups, Group size as small as 2 guests (what service!)   Guaranteed Departures, Once booked, your trip will depart as scheduled

No surcharge or supplemental cost is ever imposed.

The Heritage Tours Team

We come from diverse backgrounds. Our expertise ranges from tracking leopards, to knowing the best places to look for Wild Dogs, Black Rhino, to planning detailed itineraries tailored to unique interests.For all our different talents, Heritage Tours & Safari’s Team shares one goal: the complete satisfaction of our guests while on Safari.Every member of the Heritage team brings their own personality and passion to work every day, but we’re all focused on providing a superlative African safari experience. Whatever safari, each of us is distinctly qualified to help make your journey with us one you’ll never forget.


In addition to providing our guests with an incomparable luxury safari experience, Heritage Tours & Safari’s is steadfastly committed to making a difference in the places we travel too we also work with several reputable organizations in their efforts to protect animals, their habitat and Africa’s cultural heritage. In fact, we have partnered and created two new BEE Safari Companies these companies offer two key tourism related products,  both are self-sustainable through the commitment and dedication of the Heritage Team.


[heading size="8"]Some Amazing Moments at Heritage Tours & Safaris[/heading]

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Game Capture Team invited us to witness the translocation of White Rhino, this will truly remain as one of our all time highs. Meeting and watching the dedication and passion with wich the guys from game capture work. A dedicated team working to ensure the future for all of us.









Hosting NatGeo Wild on Safari in Hluhluwe with Heritage Tours & Safaris, an absolute treat for the rangers to show of their skills and experience the team where filming a documentary on the African Wild Dogs








Numerous dignitaries from around the world have travelled with us, each one leaving as a friend.

The top media and filming companies are perpetually discovering something new about Heritage Tours & Safaris, we are always happy to assist in journalists requests for information, photos and interviews out in the bush. Media may contact us at +27 834572147 to submit a media inquiry, or make a request for photography.







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