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Hluhluwe Imfolozi Safaris

Day Safaris & Multy Day & St Lucia Activities

Hluhluwe Accommodation

Good For Non-Self-cater & Small Families

Imfolozi Accommodation

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Just Imagine You're On a Safari, Or Maybe spending a Magical Night Sleeping In The Game Reserve, Feeling and Hearing Its Awesome Power, Lions Raw Close to camp at night while you're gazing into the fire Holy Moly! 

Excited By all the new surroundings, textures, shapes and colors. The smell of the strange flowers and the sounds of different birds you've never heard or seen before. The Seductive perfume of African rains. There is nothing like this experience, Guaranteed... 

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Options Like Hilltop Camp, Nselweni Camp Or Mpila Safari Tents and many of the 8-bed Luxury Lodges around the park..Or Our 2 Day Safari Package, Limited on time?

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By Taking A Safari You Help Protect This Amazing Ancient Ecosystem...

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Hluhluwe-Imfolozi game reserve. A South African Iconic Reserve.

Known For, Conservation & Big 5 Wildlife...    Its Time To Get Up Close And, Experience This Magical Land...

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Absolutely awesome day. Four of us went, our driver/guide (Lindo) was brilliant taught us so much, we spent a wonderful day in the park of Imfolozi and would go again tomorrow.

A light breakfast was perfect after such an early start but was worth every minute. Great Braai for lunch too. Can’t explain the magical feeling of this park and the landscape is hard to even explain as it’s not what we expected, the tour itself was lovely,

the park isn’t too busy even two days before Christmas. Seeing lions well unforgettable and we didn’t think we would be that lucky, 4 out of the big five seen on our second day in St Lucia, can’t complain. The brilliant company would recommend in a heartbeat. Date of experience: December 2019

What an awesome experience!!! We saw lions, a cheetah, elephants, buffalo, and rhino! Senzo was outstanding!

He clearly knows the bush very very well and spotted a cheetah and got us to it for a reasonably close up viewing. Such passion for wildlife so freely shared to give us the most memorable experience

Date of experience: December 2019

I had a wonderful time at iSimangaliso. Senzo was our tour guide and he was incredibly good at his job. 5 stars! Date of experience: December 2019

We spent 4 days on Safari with heritage tours and everything was so well organized from the online booking in Australia, the transfers from Durban. we were taken to the office and Bev went over our itinerary with us and then we went to our Lodge.

We did 4-day trips and one night trip with them where we saw so many animals including Elephants, rhinos, giraffe, zebras, warthogs, hippos, and many more. The guides were excellent and we were lucky enough to have Lindor on one occasion and Senso twice. with their abundant knowledge and very sharp eyes to spot numerous birds and insects also.

Each time our guide spotted an animal they positioned the vehicle to the best viewing and then explained all about that particular animal we came away with such a better understanding of South Africa. I am so glad we did those tours  Date of experience: November 2019

As You Can See Some Truly Happy Customers

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Want To See The Big5 Up Close ? Try One Of These Options

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi & Isimangaliso Safari Packages

These are some of our best Safaris Offered, By Heritage Tours & Safaris.

In The Hluhluwe Imfolozi-Park & St Lucia Wetlands World Heritage Site...

27 Fantastic Safari Adventures Plus Hippo/Birding Up Close, River Safaris In a World Heritage Site...

Exceptional! Our Classic 3 Night All-inclusive Safari. Most popular gives time to unwind.

Why? Because It combines Hi rated lodges that sit in fantastic locations With Big5 Game Viewing. Safari overland journeys Into The African Bush...

Experience the peaceful tranquillity & wonder, Of South Africas Big 5 Wildlife Habitats...

Top 3 Camps In Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

Hilltop Camp

Self-Catered & Non-Self-Cater 15 Superb Options All Budgets, Classic Elephant Viewing Hilltop Pub & Restaurant...Fantastic Pool, Gets Hot Here... Big 5 Game Drives Morning & Evenings

Where you’ll experience the stunning surrounds Plus Exciting 3hr Walking Safaris...

Mpila Camp Is Rustic, Is The Biggest Camp In Imfolozi-Park, Self-cater only. Offering remarkable wildlife 3hr Game Drives 3 Hr Guided Bush Walks A Must 4 Day Classic Walking Safaris The Accommodation Safari Tents and Thatched Lapas 3 Rustic-lux 8 Bed Safari Lodges

When You Want To Be Left Alone

The Wild Nselweni Bush Camp

A more secluded experience. All Self-Cater...Tented Roof ... 8 x 2 Beds... Solar Powered & Geni

large Common Area For Meeting, cooking on an open fire with friends in the bush.

Pretty Amazing,With Full Kitchen Braai, Showers Safari Walks & Game Drives  A View Of The Umfolozi River

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Map


What about Malaria ?

Hluhluwe Imfolozi / Umfolozi is a low risk area, but it's always best to consult with your doctor

The accommodation all have mosquito nets 

Aircon at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi?

Nope sorry, just fans and a cool breeze 

Are there Gate fee's, when staying overnight in the game park?

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Gate Fee:

Overnight Visitors & Day Visitors pay the Gate Fee, A daily fee of R240 per Int adult and R120 per child under 12 years will be charged. SA Residents pay half price.

Is it a big 5 park?


Is There Camping in hluhluwe umfolozi game park?

No sorry there are none, you can camp closer to st Lucia at Cape Vidal 

Drinking water ?

Best to bring your own, there are wells , but water can very in color 

Dose the game park offer safaris ?

No they offer 3hr game drives in the morning and evenings.

They are booked when you check in at reception

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Gate Times Entrance Fee's

 Conservation Levy For Overnight Visitors & Day

A daily Conservation Levy of R240 per adult

R120 per child under 12 years

SA Residents Save 50% Off Gate Fees 

Gate Opening 5 Am / Close 6pm Applies To All Gates

Imfolozi Hluhluwe...

Most Popular Bed & Breakfast St Lucia

St Lucia South Africa's First World Heritage site

A Mere 45 minutes from the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

Safaris departing directly from At Heritage House

4 Star Bed & Breakfast

Splash Pool and Complimentary WiFi

Wide Variety of In-House Safaris' & Tours Available

We Promise Your In Good Hands...


Reviewed 3 weeks ago

My girlfriend and I scheduled our 2-night Safari with Heritage Tours and Safaris back in March and were so excited about our upcoming adventure. Little did we know, however, we would receive much more than what was expected.

Not only were we shown all of Africa’s amazing flora and fauna, but we got to experience traditional Zulu culture and food as well. This might seem customary as it is detailed in the tour package provided by the Heritage Tours company, however, our tour guide added a genuine and earnest approach to the whole ordeal.

Senzo, a tour guide for Heritage, was more than we could have hoped for. His eager attitude towards every aspect of the tour let us know we were in the best of hands. He was more than happy to appease those in the tour group who only cared to see the big five animals while also directing our attention to native African flowers along the way. Throughout the entire tour, his captivating positivity never wavered. We will certainly be booking through Heritage WHEN we return to South Africa and will most definitely be asking for Senzo again.

Once in a lifetime opportunity Date of experience: December 2019

History Some Facts 

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Big 5 Game Park

Also known as Umfolozi game reserve. Established in 1895

They where 2 separate parks in the early 1900s made into one Great Game Park..

The idea, To help on natural migration and breeding territories.

Is the oldest game park in Africa. Set in the heartland of KZN, KwaZulu Natal South Africa.

The Game Park covers some 96 000 hectares and contains an immense diversity of fauna and flora. Hluhluwe is characterized by hilly topography,

this Northern section of the park is noted for its wide variety of both bird and animal life.

As the home of Operation Rhino in the 1950s and 60s, the Game Park became world-renowned for its white rhino conservation. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is famed for Starting The 1st Walking Safaris.

Trails which originated in Imfolozi in the 1950s

The Two parks now Makeup one big game reserve with fantastic Big5 sightings year-round.

The Park has a great history of saving many animals from near extinction.

( RhinoHoney Badger, Wild Dogs) Thanks To Dr. Player and many Of His team of colleagues. 

Accommodation In The Game Park: There are 2 main camps, Hilltop and Mpila,  

Why Come To Hluhluwe Imfolozi-Park?

Definitely worth visiting for your next South African Big 5 Safari. History and scenery are out of this world. As you can see, Take a look at the great photos/videos...

All these amazing pictures-video were taken by our guides. Most Of the pictures taken in Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve & St Lucia Isimangaliso Wetland Park.

Which is great for you because, When on safari with us, You will have a top-notch wildlife photographer who is in the bush every day, so he knows his game.

To guide you, give photo tips. People always comment on how fantastic all our safari guides are..

Our guides really love what they do, they do it very well ...

Who Are We Again?

We are a Safari company, Heritage Tours & Safaris, who have specialized in this area Kwazulu-Natal for over 16 years now & ranked number one many years in a row. It all started, Where we wanted to share our passion for this area and the love of adventure ourselves in South Africa. Doing What We Love making our passion, our job.

The Bush Of S Africa. KwaZulu-Natal is a fantastically, Still very wild primitive place. With an amazing amount to see in short driving distances. It's a Birding paradise ...

Also, there is so much to experience for a very reasonable rate/value compared to the rest of Africa and the World for that matter. In adventure travel. Life-changing experiences every day... Like an elephant charges Maybe? You feel small, really fast... When an Elephant waves his big head... Then charges you .. comes for you.

Or when your sitting by the campfire and a Lion Roars close ...Seems so perfect..

That's the beauty of, Hluhluwe & st Lucia South Africa. Magical and Still, a very WILD side of South Africa.

Uniqueness, you can't have anywhere else.  Love it... Just seeing a giant elephant up close. Is Well very hard to put into words.

It's more of a feeling of, primitive primal natural in tune sensation, an amazing perspective.

In Awe...If you know what I mean???  A Buzz... Awakening... Really cool ...

We work hard...To make sure you have the best experience on safari With Heritage Tours & Safaris And In the parks, Hluhluwe Imfolozi & iSimangaliso Wetland Park...

See what our clients have to say. Were very proud of our performance, to been rated # 1 for many years in a row. We take your Travel experience very seriously and strive to provide top quality at all times...

We handpicked some of the best safari accommodation to offer in the area, Like Hluhluwe accommodation and st Lucia South Africa close to the Hluhluwe game reserve...

So Please Join us, Heritage Tours And Safaris

Into Hluhluwe Imfolozi game park & iSimangaliso Wetland Park

On An Exciting Safari, Your Next Great Adventure. You won't be sorry you did...


Some Great Words From Our Clients !


“Heritage Tours”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 13 November We had an amazing 4 days with Heritage Tours. We were very impressed with the knowledge of all the staff we met. Especially , Vusi, who did some very long driving for us, David who took us on a wonderful tour of Hluhluwe and pointed out so many animals that we would have missed if we had driven ourselves. Theo...


Very good guide , great help desk staff, exciting tour . Learnt a lot thanks to the guide . All in all great experience will definitely recommend to anyone going that way. Thank you for the memories.

Daniel D

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Spent 5 fantastic days exploring the wildlife of SA with these guys. 

Went on numerous tours, including an incredible night safari (not to be missed!) 
- And saw 4 of the big 5! 

The guides are friendly and knowledgeable, being on hand to answer all our random questions in an engaging way. Only thing missing was the Leopard! 

Couldn’t recommend more highly.