Safaris to Umfolozi

safaris to umfolozi game reserve

Weekly updates on our Safaris to Umfolozi Game Reserve.

Yet another spectacular week was had by all of our safari enthuasiasts, safari sightings in the Umfolozi Game Reserve this week included Leopard, Lion and cubs, Cheetah, Ellephant and the highlight of the week had to be a close up of Black Rhino, this amazing sighting took place close to Sontuli Loop at one of the watering holes. Black Rhino the more aggresive of the two species of Rhino found was extremely relaxed and offered all safari goers an opportunity to photograph him up close.

The Black Umfolozi River has come down for a 4th time so far and it is estimated that the height above the bridge may have been up to 1 meter above the road. Once again we would like to make sure that all visitors to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve do make the needed calls and gather as much information with regards to this river coming down before hand.

Our Leoprad sighting took place very close to the nylazi gate at the Umfolozi park and once again shows that these eleusive animals may be encountered any where at any time just keep looking and dont be in a rush.

Our departures for safaris will remain the same for the Summer season as clients tend to get very tired in the high tempretures that may be encountered pick up times in St Lucia are 5:00 am and pick up times at the various gates are 6:00 am. A safari to Umfolozi Game Reserve remains a treat and is highly recomended.

Until our next update keep tracking.