COVID-19 And Animal Poaching In Africa

COVID-19 And Animal Poaching In Africa

Taking a look into the Covid-19 virus in relation to poaching during lockdown and what's happening. Has the poaching increased or decreased during lockdown? Well it's a mixed batch of info, basically it depends on what part of Africa were looking at.

& How well the parks are funded, in the areas.  Basically, It boils down to, The more well known the game reserves is, the more funding it receives and can afford to run patrolls during lockdown.

But the little guys Like in Malawi and the other smaller poor countries are getting hit bad...

But Back Home, The Poachers Have Found A New Angel During Lockdown

  • As the coronavirus pandemic halts tourism to Africa, poachers are encroaching on land and killing rhinos in travel hot spots now devoid of visitors and safari guides.
  • In Botswana, at least six rhinos have been poached since the virus shut down tourism there. In the northwest South Africa, at least nine rhinos have been killed since the virus lockdown.
  • “It’s a bloody calamity. It’s an absolute crisis,” said Map Ives, founder of Rhino Conservation Botswana, a nonprofit organization.

Ryan Tate is supposed to be in South Africa right now helping to fight off poachers who hack horns off rhinos and kill elephants for their ivory tusks.

But since the country announced a national lockdown in March to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Tate is stuck in the U.S. He can’t join his team out in South Africa’s wilderness and can’t meet with private donors in the U.S. for his anti-poaching nonprofit organization, which is seeing donations dry up.

“It’s a helpless feeling,” said Tate, a 35-year former Marine and the founder of VetPaw, a group of American military veterans who fight poachers in a remote private reserve in the far north of South Africa.

“Poaching doesn’t stop just because there’s a virus — if anything, it picks up,” he said.

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Lets Stop This

Please dont say, ahh I'll do it later

Or, I dont have enuff for myself. this is not about you It's BIGGER.

People have been turning their head from Natural disasters for too long now, Just look at the state of the world right now.The air and water situation. We can all help..If we dont find a harmony with wildlife.

They Will Lose And Then, So Will We. When They Are All Gone.

We Must All Become Their Caretakers...

Or, I lost my Job, We all lost our jobs in 2020.That's why we have to work together. Stop these killers and there asian byers.

I need to provide for my family, yip we all do, your children will thank you. and one day ,will be proud of their family name for caring and making a difference.

We are only talking a small amount of money, we just need a little bit for everyone.

South Africa, They are well funded parks by gov and Private Foundations.

These parks Like Kruger and Hluhluwe Imfolozi are being patrolled during lockdown. And it's great for the animals, who get a break from humans.

This is, the 1st time they have had a real break from humans crowds for over 100ys easy.. Strange but great for them in my book.

It would be great if they could live life as they where 100s of years ago. But its not realistic in 2021...

Kruger park

What's Going On With The Animals & The Palnet

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Ready to Help Stop This

Please dont say ahh I'll do it later

Or I dont have enuff for myself, this is not about you.

Or I lost my Job, and need to provide for my family, your children will thank you and will be proud of their family name for caring.

We are only talking a small amount we just need a little bit for everyone.

Northern Cape authorities apprehend poachers amid lockdown scourge

A “war” is raging between anti-poaching units and criminals trying to take advantage of the unprecedented lockdown’s impact on conservation efforts and vulnerable farms.

A shootout ensued on Sunday afternoon between would-be-poachers and the Northern Cape’s Anti Poaching unit, with four suspects arrested and a sizeable weapon stock confiscated.

A group of four men entered a farm in the Severn area and were caught red-handed trying to poach rhinos for their horns by members of the Kuruman Stock Theft unit. The Tswalu Anti- Poaching unit provided aerial and ground support to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and managed to apprehend the suspects.

One Poacher killed, two injured in shootout...

The War will never stop with poaching, But it's definitely switching in the favor of the animals slowly. But it's up to the people to save the animals.

The animals in Africa belong to all. Emagine what it will be like when there are no more major spices in the World. It will be a serious downturn in humanati and have a major downturn in moral of people.

Signifying we are losing our planet, and with all this Tec we are not able to stand together and fight , eradicate these murderous cooks.

Really? A few crime boss family in Asia, against the world and we lost ??

It doesn't take a lot of money per family, we just need a lot of family to just give 10 to $50 . even if you have to sacrifice to do it .

This is one of those moments where you can make a big diff.

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Amazing African youth, stand up for the environment

African youth, stand up for the environment

Hello everybody,I am the Chief Executive Officer of African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and a big fan of Africa’s irrepressible youth.AWF is one of the oldest conservation organisations in Africa. We have been here since 1961, dedicated to protecting Africa’s wildlife and wildlands.

Our belief has always been that Africans are the best custodians for their wealth so our role is to empower governments and local communities to carry out that mandate. We believe in Africa.

More about this story ...

I Hope China dose somthing about this poaching demand? I mean really this time they do something drastic They have been lying a lot about things lately and in the past . Like there economy in 2008 market crash and there GDP and lots of things.

The destruction to Africa by the chinese is unbelievable, Like there mining practices around the world and Africa. They destroy the land and animals to get the prize. They don't seem to respect nature or any other culture at all.

So I hope, we the world, can push hard on them to stop poaching the world ... I mean just the other day Chinese fishing boats where poaching of South African shores . During Lockdown ?

Some of asian peoples beliefs are doing some saver damage, irreversible damage in world Wildlife and they need to be put in check NOW...

I mean as of what we know  about this virus right now it was cause ed by eating exzotic animals from africa and other parts of the world. So now they are killing people and animals ,

And the crazy thing is, Once people kill people it's not ok. But when people kill animals it's  sorta not so bad ????????? Why Make me so angry for this MEDIEVAL thinking...

Just my OP..

Ready to Help Stop This

Please dont say ahh I'll do it later

Or I dont have enuff for myself, this is not about you.

Or I lost my Job, and need to provide for my family, your children will thank you and will be proud of their family name for caring.

We are only talking a small amount we just need a little bit for everyone.