Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park Safaris



Departing from either Hluhluwe or Imfolozi Park on Safari remains a wonderful way to explore the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa, this 96000 hectare park offers one an opportunity to not only witness the mighty Big 5 but also Cheetah in the lower Imfolozi Park and Wild Dogs that also frequent the lower Imfolozi Park.

Hluhluwe Park entrance gate is Memorial Gate situated a mere 13km from the town of Hluhluwe, this side of the park has a totally different landscape with the rolling hluhluwe hills and magnificent vantage points. The lower lying areas has a thicker bush and may become difficult to observe various animal species during a park safari. Hluhluwe Park side or section has numerous picnic areas with splendid views over the entire park, hides have also been designated at various areas within the park giving one additional access in witnessing the magnificent animals found in the reserve.

Each day while on safari into this magnificent park offers one amazing sightings of the various animal species found within the reserve. Summer tempretures may become warm and humid, please make sure that you take refreshments along, Winter tempretutes cool. The park gate opening times are Summer: 5:00am and clsing times is 6:00pm, Winter 6:00am and 5:00 pm. Please take note that one has enough time to get to the gates before closing times as a fine may be impossed for late departures.

The two main centres with in the park are Hluhluwe Hilltop in the northern section this side offers Accommodation, curio shop and fuel bowser. In the Southern section the Umfolozi or Imfolozi park the main centre is the Mpila camp which offers Accommodation, Curio shop and Fuel Bowser.

By far the Hluhluwe Park is busier during high season and therefore we recommend that while on safari travel to the Umfolozi Park not only is the area larger but also offers one more animals to witness while on a salf drive safari or organised safari.

Just yesterday while on a Umfolozi Park safari we where fortunate to witness African Wild Dogs and Elephants to mention bt just a few of the amazing sights. The Sontuli loop remians a great area to visit and makes for a great place to enjoy a picnic while on safari. Please bear in mind once again that while you are in the park to remain in once car at all times. Make use of only the designated areas for viewing and picnicking.


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