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iMfolozi Wilderness Trails

iMfolozi Wilderness Trails Are

5 Amazing Walking Safaris Big 5 Encounters...

The Primitive Trail -4 Nights 5 Days

This primitive wilderness trail is aimed at the outdoors enthusiast who would like to combine a wilderness experience with backpacking and sleeping out under the stars. The trail is designed to provide a basic living experience, with a minimum of equipment but with adequate water and food. Water is collected from springs or rivers in the wilderness are ...

The Explorer Trail -4 Nights 5 Days

The Explorer Trail  This popular trail combines the best elements of trails using the Mdindini Base Camp, and the more adventurous Primitive Trail. The first and last nights are spent in the comfort of Mdindini Camp with hot and cold showers and a fridge, while the second and third nights are spent under the stars out in the famous iMfolozi Wilderness Area. 

The Short Wilderness Trail -2 Nights 3 Days

The Short Wilderness Trails This trail is fully catered, and all food is transported into the wilderness trails camp on donkeys, but hikers are expected to carry a daypack containing their personal effects, water and lunch. Personal items will, however, be transported back from the wilderness on the donkeys at the end of the trail. 

The Extended Short Wilderness Trails -3 Nights 4 Days

Extended Short Weekend trails are run from about 14 February to about 10 December, and start on Tuesdays. They are 3 nights and 4 days in duration. This trail is fully catered, and all food will be transported into the wilderness trails camp on donkeys, 

The Base Camp Trail -3 Nights 4 Days

The Base Camp Trail A Field Ranger leads all trails. They are fully qualified and Highly trained. Their experience and knowledge of the bush will enrich your experience, as well as ensure safety. All three nights are spent at the comfortably equipped Mndindini Trails Camp where Hikers are housed in comfortable 2-bed tents.

Equipment Provided

Everything You Need For Amazing Adventure 

First Aid kit
Water containers
Toilet trowel, paper etc.
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Cooking pots etc.
Knife, spoon, cup and plate
Ground Sheet
Rain shelter (fly sheet)
Personal water bottle

Recommended Items To Bring

Some packing Ideas & Must Haves 

2 dull-coloured shirts
3 changes of underwear
2 pairs shorts or the equivalent
Toiletries, including environment friendly biodegradable soap
light raincoat
warm bush jacket or jersey If winter
Sun protection cream
pair of trousers or jeans
PJs Or somthing warm to sleep in
It is imperative that you wear a comfortable pair of hiking boots, which are well worn in
Torch with spare batteries
Insect repellant ( lemon Juise works well )
pair of comfortable worn in boots
Or Use Highend Smat Phone should be over 20mp & 4k video capable to get great footige

A Closer Look At The Terrain What You Could See

On The Primitive Guided Walking Safari

iMfolozi Park Wilderness Trails Review


Short Wildnerness Trail

Review of Hluhluwe - iMfolozi Park Wilderness Area

We went as a group to do the 2 nights, 3 days short wilderness trail in the park. On the drive to the Mpila Resort starting point we saw rhinos, elephants and zebras alongside the road.

From Mpila we went further into the park, to the starting point of the trail. We crossed the river twice without shoes (a little scary as our guide pointed out crocodile trails!) and got to our base camp.

The tents provided are excellent, as is the cooking by the chef - the bush bread on arrival each afternoon was fantastic. 

We would highly recommend the wilderness trail - we saw loads of rhinos, buffalo, giraffe whilst walking around with our guides. The guides were excellent at spotting the wildlife and explaining features and plants.

Sleeping in the tents at night was an incredible experience, hearing lions and hyenas walking near the campsite was scary, but completely amazing!More