Imfolozi Extended Short Wilderness Trail 3 Nights 4 Days

Extended Short Wilderness Trail

Probably One of the best ways to get in-touch with the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Wildlife .. 

Its geared to people who are not super fit Or Would like to take bit more leisurely pace

Big 5 All Around you...A Walking Safari

Incredible Wildlife Experience...

Extended Short Weekend Trails Are 3 Nights 4 days

Imfolozi Park Extended Short Weekend trails are run from about 14 February to about 10 December, and start on Tuesdays. They are 3 nights and 4 days in duration.

This trail is fully catered, and all food will be transported into the wilderness trails camp on donkeys, but hikers are expected to carry a daypack with their personal effects, water and lunch.

Personal items will, however, be transported back from the wilderness on the donkeys at the end of the trail.

Guests who overnight at Mpila Camp the night before the trail, may arrange to have the bulk of their personal belongings carried into the wilderness camp in "donkey bags" that are available from the Mpila camp reception.

These are then transported to the wilderness camp by donkeys. These bags must be dropped off at the Mpila Resort office by 16:00 the day before the trail.

Please note if you are staying overnight outside the Park that the gate times are 06:00 to 18:00. Gate times are strictly enforced.

Arrival and Registration

Safari Hikers,are required to check in at Mpila Resort by 11:00 as the trail starts at 12:00 on the first day. The Mpila trialists will be met by the trails staff and given a briefing. After their bags have been packed, trailists walk approximately seven kilometres to the wilderness camp.

Where they will spend the following three nights in dome tents, with two mattresses per tent. The camp has no ablution facilities, apart from a traditional bucket shower, hung in a tree. A spade, toilet paper and matches serve as a toilet.

Hikers will walk back to the Mndindini Base Camp on the fourth day, carrying only their personal affects and snacks. The trail ends at about 10:30.

The distance walked on the first day is approximately seven kilometres. The average distance covered on the second and third days can be up to 15 km, But its flexible depending on conditions.

Hikers carry all their personal equipment on the first day. On the second and third days they carry only a light pack containing their picnic lunches and water bottles.

This trail is by no means an endurance test, but a fair level of fitness will ensure greater enjoyment.

 It is important to arrive early on the date indicated on the reservation voucher, to allow time to pack and walk to the trails camp before dark. Once the trail departs from the Mndindini Base Camp, any latecomers cannot be accommodated.

It is thus important to make adequate provision for traveling time between your point of departure and the Mpila Camp office. The driving time between Johannesburg and Mpila Camp is approximately seven hours. Durban to Mpila is approximately four hours.


Equipment Provided by KZN Wildlife

 All food, tea, coffee and fruit juice
• All cutlery and crockery
• All daypacks
• Water bottles
• All bedding
• Towel
• First Aid kit



The trail is fully catered and Hikers will be provided with three meals per day, starting with supper on the day of arrival and concluding with lunch on the day of departure. Meals are tasty, simple but nutritious and quantities provided should satisfy most appetites. The menus have been developed with input from previous hikers and we welcome any comments.

If you are a vegetarian or have other special dietary requirements, please notify the Trails Consultant when making a booking. The Trails Manager will try to make appropriate arrangements, where possible.

People with any special requirements may of course bring their own food and every assistance will be given to prepare it. Regrettably there can be no reduction in the cost of the trail.

Tea, coffee and a cold drink are also provided. Fruit and nuts are provided as snacks between meals. Trailists are more than welcome to provide their own between-meal snacks and refreshments.

A little alcohol may be brought into the wilderness area

Packing List & Some NB Advice...

• 2 dull-coloured shirts/blouses
• 3 changes of underwear
• 2 pairs shorts or the equivalent
• 1 pair of trousers or jeans
• 1 tracksuit
• 1 hat
• 1 swimming costume (optional)
• 1 light raincoat
• 1 warm bush jacket or jersey
• Sun protection cream
• Torch with spare batteries
• Insect repellent
• 1 pair of comfortable boots or the equivalent and 1 pair of sandals for around the camp
• Toiletries, including environment friendly/ biodegradable soap
• Binoculars, camera, Fresh batteries, Small solar charger big as you can carry,field guide, Journal etc. (optional)

NB: It is imperative that you wear a comfortable pair of hiking boots, which are well worn in. Bayticol spray (from your pharmacy) is recommended as ticks can be a problem at certain times of the year. Zululand winters are cold, with temperatures dropping significantly at night, whilst the summer temperatures can rise fairly high by midday and rain can be a factore. But the rain is welcomed, it cools the bush down . 

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