Safari Hluhluwe

Safari Hluhluwe

Safari Hluhluwe Sightings this week has once again been tremendous, Big 4 sightings regularly with magnificent safari sightings of Leopard. The soaring temperatures have contributed to some odd days of rainfall thus increasing water levels in certain pans and dams. A top tip while on a Hluhluwe Safari is to stay as close as possible to water sources. Get into the reserve as early as possible and drive slowly, one just misses so many sightings by driving fast.

This last week was a record week for sightings of the elusive Leopard, this shy creature during daylight hours makes it quite difficult to spot. However this past week numerous sightings where recorded both on day hluhluwe safaris and night safaris. Should you be travelling to this magnificent area please try to get to the gates as early as possible purchase a map of the reserve and if possible try to do s safari in the Umfolozi section, with its open plains and more access to water offers you great safari sightings and views.

What to do when one comes across a Leopard sighting:

Slow down slowly and try to switch the engine of as quickly as possible, remain still and do not try to talk much. Keep movements within the vehicle as minimal as possible this is done so that the animal can become a bit accustomed to you and also to see that you mean no harm or threat. Try keeping flashes to a minimum as well. Rather try to enjoy the moment before the animal runs away.

To witness a Leopard for the first time is one that you will never forget, its a sighting and moment in ones life. They are incredible and one is truly blessed to witness them.


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