Big 5 Safaris South Africa

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Park

South Africa’s Fierce Female Anti-Poaching Unit

black mambas female anty poach

Meet the Black Mambas South Africa’s Fierce Female Anti-Poaching Unit Meet the Black Mambas South Africa’s Fierce Female Anti-Poaching Unit Is Making An Inpact There’s a war raging across the African continent, but we don’t hear much about the hard work done on the front lines. At the center of the conflict? Rhino horns. They’re…

Self-Drive Safaris South Africa

hluhluwe self drive safaris

Self-Drive Safaris In South Africa Tips Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa’s Parks & Game Reserves – How to Travel Independently South Africa Self-Drive Safaris  Do you want to make a self-drive safari in South Africa’s Parks & Game Reserves? One of my last road trips was to the southern part of Africa. I traveled with…

Hilltop Accommodation Questions

Yet another great safari day

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions Hilltop Accommodation Questions List of questions we get everyday. So to make bit easier for you we have listed some and will continue to add to them .    

Giraffe Facts

3 hour safari

Giraffe Facts Giraffes are the tallest Mammals Just their legs are longer than most humans (6 Feet) Giraffes Neck is to short To reach the ground, and therefore has to awkwardly bend it’s front legs or kneel to reach the water Giraffe Tongue is between 18 to 20 inches long and rightly so due to…

Hluhluwe Accommodation

hluhluwe accommodation

Hluhluwe Accommodation Well, things have been filling up this year for Hluhluwe accommodation very fast. We thought the booking would slow down a bit, with the world bit in turmoil. But people never get tired of the wonder of the African bush and safaris in south Africa. the reason is the big 5 African game.…

Last Of The Big Tuskers


“Last of the Big Tuskers” A Film By James Currie THE STORY – In December of 2013 the largest elephant in the world was seen for the last time in a remote corner of South Africa. His name in Zulu was Isilo, which means King of Kings. He was much-loved by many and even had his…

Hluhluwe Wild Dogs

wild dog hluhluwe safaris

hluhluwe Wild Dogs who are endangered, take down Nyala
not often do you see them hunt. Greta Safari

Hluhluwe Tours & Safaris Departing Daily

hluhluwe wetland park

Hluhluwe Tours & Safaris Departing Daily from St Lucia or meet at the Umfolozi or Hluhluwe Gate, daily safaris in open game drive safari vehicles with ample space and a unobstructed view of some amazing and incredible views not to mention a chance of witnessing the Big 5. Tours & Safaris within the Hluhluwe Umfolozi…

Hluhluwe Game Reserve

lion imfolozi

Looking for even more information, rates and accommodation in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve well why not click on this link to our other website, this website is smaller and may just have what it is that you are looking for should you not have found it on this website. Hluhluwe Game Reserve is the…

Hluhluwe Cheetah Facts

hluhluwe accommodation

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Cheetah Facts Did you know that the Cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal on Earth? An acceleration from 0 to 60 miles (96 kilometers) an hour in a mere 3 seconds and a top speed of 112 km. At these high speeds these cats are nimble and can make quick…

Hluhluwe St Lucia Day Safari

Heritage Tours & Safaris offers exclusive Hluhluwe St Lucia Day Safari Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve open vehicle safaris, departing daily options include, 3 hour Safari, half day Safari and full day Safari’s. Hluhluwe-St Lucia Safari Holiday Packages are also available, from 1 night to 7 day exclusive safari packages. Departing daily from St Lucia, a world heritage site we transfer…

Hluhluwe Safari with Heritage Tours

Hluhluwe Safari Hluhluwe Safari with Heritage Tours, A top safari specialist company offering you the very best in Game Rangers, Experience and Luxury 4×4 open game drive vehicles. Established in 2003 the company has fact become the prefered safari operator in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi area. Booking a safari with Heritage Tours & Safaris offers you peace…

Umfolozi Park Safari Sightings

Umfolozi Park Safari Sightings The last week has been incredible with some amazing sightings while in the Umfolozi Game Reserve-Umfolozi Park. Sightings included African Wild Dogs, Close Up Elephants, Rhino, Buffalo’s and lots of Lion’s. However one of the highlights had to have been a visit to the Centenery Centre and the holding Boma’s. The…

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Lions in a Tree

Today our clients where amazed once again while on safari into the Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Lions in a Tree. This magnificent sighting usually takes place during summer when we are afforded such magical sights. It is assumed that they are trying to cool down during the summer months. The pride of Lions a total of…