Hluhluwe Game Reserve Accommodation

Hluhluwe Game Reserve offers a wide variety of accommodations within the park. The better known accommodation is the Hilltop Camp situated in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve. This type of accommodation is self catering the units are uniquely positioned with stunning views. Within walking distance to the Hilltop Restaurant should you want to have something to … Read more

Hluhluwe Elephant Facts and Information

An African Safari can not be complete without seeing a African Elephant, both Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Game Reserve have breeding herds and sightings quite often spectacular. Elephant Facts and Information Order Proboscidea Family Elephantidae Within this order which comprises of one family of which 2 Elephant species are found in the World one in Asia … Read more

Africa Lion Safari-Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Photographic opportunities in Hluhluwe Hluhluwe Game Reserve/Umfolozi Game Reserve have about 130 Lions as of 2010. The African Lion is also one of the Big 5 (predator-Panthera Leo) Description: A large robust Cat, with a large muzzle with a smooth coat and whitish underparts. Ears are white inside. Tail long with a black tassel at … Read more

African Buffalo Video Footage and Facts:

African Big 5 Cape Buffalo African Buffalo Video Footage and Facts The African Buffalo commonly found in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, they require large areas and are nomadic they are also bulk grazers. Buffalo are bovids, which means they have a keratin sheath covering the bone of the horn, making them hollow-horned.They are quick … Read more