Hluhluwe Game Reserve Review

So of we went into the wild African bush with Heritage Tours and Safari to find big elephants.

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The 1st hr was amazing as life in the Umfolozi was just starting to move around, the night creatures were heading to bed and the day animals were just starting to move, on the hunt.

The first animals we saw where buck and bush pig’s and then around the corner and down a hill there they where a biggish herd of Elle’s.

There where about 15 and some baby’s , Wow what a sight ,we have been waiting dreaming of this day 29 years to see this and it was so worth the wait .

The size and grace of these animals just really sets you back. We hang out for few and then on we went, saw some Rhino’s amazing really because there are so few left in the world today.

I think the Hluhluwe game reserve has the most in all of Africa? Anyway Our guide Trevor really no’s his stuff . On we went, driving along in Africa in a open 4×4 is just magic you get such a great feel for the bush this way .

Hluhluwe game reserve

I said to Jane, it just would not be the same in a closed vehicle. Wow, more Elle’s and so we parked for wile to watch. They where about 300 feet away from us just doing their thing and then one big bull looked at us,

I had my 300mm lens looking for a shot but this bull just kept coming and I was going from 300mm to 200 then to 100 and could not believe, O no I have the wrong lens. Who would have thought, he would come so close.

I luckily had another camera with a 28 200 zoom lens and grabbed it, But man, he still just came closer and closer, things got little tens, I mean this is an 8000 pound + bull Elephant.

Well this guy came right up to the truck, Trevor just said very calmly and quite everybody just sit very very still, we did believe me.



By this time he was just feet away and well, I just can’t describe the feelings running through my body. I knew we would get close and see some Elle’s,  Mandy at the head office for Heritage Tour said we had a very good chance of seeing all kinds of big 5, but I mean come on, a few feet away? But he still kept coming right up to us and stuck his trunk right in to smell what this, we were all about, speechless all of us!

We all just sat there thinking ok this is it, we are done, he snift around for a few secs which felt like hrs and then moved off,, man what a rush and a truly life-changing experience.

Trevor said after 20yrs in the bush that had only happened a few times. Wow was that great, we really got our money’s worth. Jane said next time we see Nat Geo and Elephants we will really know what it’s all about.

I can recommend Heritage Tours enough they simple are the best. You can feel the minutes they arrive they love what they do and do it very very well Thanks so much!